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Welcome to official webpage of gautam1834 – One of the leading and low cost bot developer/service provider on Telegram! On this page you will find information about all of mine Free/Paid services that I run on Telegram.

Feel free to contact me on Telegram:

Telegram Mirror and Leech Content Downloader Bots (Paid Group)


  1. Full Support for Mega Premium: With our mirror/leech group, you can easily download content that’s hosted on
  2. 4 GB (4000MB) Leech Bot: You can now leech up to 4 hours of 1080p video, or 18 days of high-quality audio in a single telegram file! Our bot will deliver the file to you by private message.
  3. Mirror and Leech Support: Our paid group supports both Mirror and Leech functions. Our Bots will automatically categorize and store Data in separate Telegram Dumps And Google drive Folders.
  4. Exclusive Index: All paying users will get a shared index which they can use to download files/folders onto their computer/mobile device.
  5. Google Drive Access: All paying users will get exclusive access to our Google Drive Business Account.
  6. No content Restriction: Our paid telegram group don’t have any content restrictions. You are Free to Leech/mirror whatever you want (except illegal stuff).
  7. High upload and download speed: Our VPS/Dedicated servers are hell lot faster than normal telegram leech/mirror groups in terms of download/upload speed.
  8. Stable bots: Bots Will Be Stable And They Won’t Restart Every 24 Hours like Heroku.
  9. Mediainfo Support Of Telegram Files , G-Drive Files , and Direct Links Etc.
  10. Paying members will also get support for By-passers And Scrapers.
  11. All premium users can even set their own dump chat , custom fonts and many other things through bot settings!

Monthly Pricing

52 INR via UPI or 1.5 USD/GBP/Euro. Contact via Telegram only:

Important note: There is NO Limit on content downloading, however we may impose some limits to prevent abuse from data hoarders.


Personal Mirror/Leech Bot available for you guys. Apart from regular features mentioned above, some exclusive features of our Personal Bot Service are as follows:

  • 2× 1 TB (HDD SATA) or 2× 2 TB (HDD SATA) depending on server availability.
  • 1 GBps Unmetered Upload/Download Bandwidth (shared)
  • Powerful XEON Server Processor
  • 8/16 GB DD3 RAM depending on server availability

Pricing: Monthly Pricing may range from $15 to $30 depending on server availability. You may get discount if you order for more than 1 month.

Contact via Telegram only:

Important note: You won’t get access to backend/SSH/RAID/IPMI of the server in any case. Sorry, but this is for the stability of your own personal bot/server. If access is absolutely required then you can contact us and we will see what can be done.